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What kind of data is stored?
FULL SERVICE HISTORY - repairs, scheduled maintenance, spare parts replaced and more.
EQUIPMENT DATA - such as installation & warranty expiry date, make, model, handover date
OPERATING MANUALS – In various languages
SPARE PARTS CATALOGUES – for quick and easy ordering
SERVICE MANUALS – In various languagesHide
How do I add a new project?
ProNavi makes it easy to create a new project. You can do this either from a simple spreadsheet or by uploading items individually. It’s very simple but if you need our support, we offer a project support service to speed up this stage.Hide
Can anybody access this sensitive data?
Very basic information is accessible to anyone. However, your administrator can set authorization rules for accessing types of data or for uploading new records.Hide
Who generates the QR-Code stickers?
Once you are signed up and your equipment list uploaded, you print stickers off on our custom-made pre-sized sticker sheets.Hide
My project environment is very wet and dirty. Will the stickers survive?
The material used for the stickers are made from industrial grade material designed to resist dirt and water for many years. They have been tested under the most difficult conditions. Their high-adhesive water-resistant properties mean they will never peel, fall-off or smudge. Hide
Who applies the stickers to the machine?
Any technician can do this, either your own or your service partner.Hide
Where should the stickers be placed?
In an „easy-to-see“ and “easy-to-reach” location. Remember, a smart device should be able to scan the QR-code.Hide
How do I register to use ProNavi?
Please Email us with your details at info@pronavi.lu and a sales representative will contact you within 24 hours.Hide